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Przełączniki Tactile Everglide Moyu Black (Dark Jade) – 10 sztuk

Przełączniki Tactile Everglide Moyu Black (Dark Jade) – 10 sztuk

Everglide Moyu Black (also known as Dark Jade) is a tactile switch that rivals Holy Pandas in terms of feel and tactility. Featuring a similiar top-rounded bump and actuation force, these are described as cleaner and sharper than Holy Pandas. The bump is positioned slightly higher than on the HP, meaning you will reach it faster on Moyu Blacks. Another distinctive feature is the housing made entirely of PBT, which results in a unique sound signature.

Sold in packs of 10.


  • Type: Tactile, MX-style
  • Very lightly factory lubed
  • Materials:
    • Top and bottom housing: PBT
    • Stem: POM
    • Spring: Gold-plated stainless steel
  • Click here to see the force curve (measured by Pylon)
  • 5-pin (if you need a 3-pin switch, just clip off the extra 2 plastic legs)
  • LED compatibility: SMD & THT (through-hole)

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