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Coiled USB-C Cable – Hammerhead

Coiled USB-C Cable – Hammerhead

It's a premade/preconfigured cable – ready to ship!

Looking for a high quality coiled cable that will match your mechanical keyboard perfectly? You don't have to wait months for a custom one.

Spice up your setup with our ready-made themed USB-C cables. Inspired by popular keycap sets, featuring colorful aviator connectors, double sleeving and durable, springy reversed coils.

Pairs well with GMK Hammerhead and KAT Atlantis keycaps.

Colorway description:

  Coiled part: navy blue paracord with black PET sleeving
  Straight part:  navy blue paracord with black PET sleeving
  Heatshrink color: black
  Aviator connector: turquoise 5-pin GX16


This is a handmade product, so the dimensions may vary slightly between units.

  Coil length (unstretched): 19 cm ± 1 cm
  Straight part length: 150 cm ± 5 cm
  Coil outer diameter: 22 mm ± 1 mm

Technical specifications:

  Connectors: USB-C (keyboard side) to USB-A (PC side)
  USB standard: USB 2.0, supports 3A fast charging

Please note that real color may differ slightly from how it appears on your screen due to varying display settings. We try our best to make sure that the image you see here is as accurate as possible.


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