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Lube Brush Set

Lube Brush Set

Our kit comes with 3 thoughtfully chosen brushes to help you tackle all the keyboard-related chores, such as lubing stabilizers, stems, switch housings and more.

We have included varying sizes of brushes so you can choose the one that best suits the task according to your preferences:

  • Flat 0: Most widely used by the community, this is the perfect all-rounder.
  • Filbert 4: Allows for a tad more consistency than the flat tip and requires a bit less skill.
  • Round 1: Best suited for tasks that require most precision.


  • Synthetic (nylon) bristles
  • Safe to use with PFPE-based lubricants (such as Krytox and TriboSys)
  • Wooden handle labeled with tip size number

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