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Durock Plate Mount Stabilizers – Bare Wires, Nylon

Durock Plate Mount Stabilizers – Bare Wires, Nylon

Get rid of rattle and improve your typing experience by replacing the crappy OEM stabilizers that your board came with.

NOTE: Durock, Everglide and JWICK stabilizers are identical and manufactured by the same company - JWICK (JWK). The only difference is the brand name.

Click here for the premium version with gold-plated wires and wider material selection.


  • Available colors: Black, White
  • Housing material: Nylon
  • Stem material: Nylon
  • Steel wire
  • Compatibility: Plate Mount

Each kit includes:

  • 1x 6.25u (WK) or 1x 7.25u (WKL) stabilizer
  • 4x 2u stabilizers

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