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Genuine Krytox XHT-BDZ grease, repackaged into a leak-proof glass jar.

Each jar contains 10 grams of lube. That's a lot and should last you for several keyboard builds.

This is the best choice for eliminating all stabilizer rattle and ticking. Its extremely thick consistency and high viscosity provide outstanding dampening properties and make it stay in place incomparably better than dialectric grease (e.g. Permatex) and other Krytox lubricants (including the most commonly used 205g0), so you will never have to re-lube your stabs.

The large quantity of lubricant in the jar makes it easier to dip and evenly coat the stabilizer wires (in case you prefer this application method).

NOTE: Use it only on the wires, and remember: a little goes a long way. It's very easy to go overboard with this stuff, resulting in overlubed stabs that feel sticky and sluggish.

Download the Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

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Genuine Krytox GPL 105 oil, repackaged into a translucent plastic bottle with dropper.

Each bottle contains 10 grams of lube.

Recommended for switch springs to eliminate pinging and crunching noises, as it can be swiftly applied to a full set of springs using a technique called bag lubing.

Can also be combined with other Krytox and TriboSys grease lubricants to thin the consistency as desired.

Download the Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

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Genuine Krytox GPL 205 Grade 0 (known as 205g0) grease, repackaged into a leak-proof glass jar.

Each jar contains 10 grams of lube, which is enough to generously cover over 400 switches. The exact number will depend on your skill and technique used.

Thanks to its versatility, it's undoubtedly the most popular choice in the mech community. Recommended mainly for Linear switches and stabilizer housings (the best choice for stab wires is Krytox XHT-BDZ), but can also be used with Tactile and Clicky switches (as long as you apply a very thin layer). It can even be applied to switch springs (although we think that Krytox 105 is a better choice for this purpose).

Grade 0 / g0 is simply another term for NLGI 0, which is the desired consistency for the purpose.

Download the Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

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