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Lube Tools – 8-in-1 set, black

Keyboard builder's essentials. Everything you will ever need to mod switches on your mechanical keyboard.

This kit includes the following 8 tools and accesories – all in classy black:

  Aluminium Switch Opener (2 in 1) – held together by magnets, compatible with 95% of all switches, including Cherry, Gateron, Kailh, Outemu and their clones. If in doubt, contact us!

  Stem Holder – lube your switch stems without getting lube on your fingers and without dropping the stem by accident.

  Switch Puller – easily remove switches from a keyboard plate.

  Keycap Puller – conveniently remove your keycaps without scratching them.

  Two brushes – a thin one and a thick one. Perfect for precise lube application.

  Curved Antistatic ESD-15 Tweezers – perfect not only for handling small components, but also for testing the PCB of your keyboard.

  Microfiber pouch with CENTOREK logo – to hold all the above accesories.

Price $12.99

Lube Station – 33 switches

Modding switches on your mechanical keyboard can be troublesome – it may be hard to do so without getting lube on your fingers or losing small parts. Our Lube Station will improve your workflow and help you keep everything organized.

Made of two thick acrylic sheets with metal feet on all corners. Can hold up to 33 switches as well as their springs and stems. Additionaly, it has two compartments that you can use for storing your tools or other small elements.


  Plate color: clear
  Plate thickness (assembled): 8 mm ± 1 mm
  Plate dimensions: 235 mm x 150 mm

The product has to be assembled (easy-peasy). There will be a protective film on the acrylic which you can peel off.

Price $11.99

O-Rings – 125 pieces

Dampen the sound of keycaps hitting the switches. Thanks to its low thickness, the reduction in key travel is not as apparent as with thicker o-rings.

Packaged in a ziplock bag.


  Quantity: 125 szt.
  Color: clear
  Thickness: 1.5 mm
  Outer diameter: 8 mm
  Inner diameter: 5 mm
  Hardness: 40A
  Material: silicone rubber

Price $2.59

2-in-1 PBT Switch Opener - 5 colors

Switch opener made from durable PBT plastic, designed to conveniently open all mechanical keyboard switches. Glossy inside to reduce friction, matte outside for better grip and premium look. Available in 5 cute colors.

Because of its material, it's much safer for your switches than aluminium switch openers - less risk of loosening or scratching the housing.

It consists of two halves (one for MX-style switches and the other for Kailh/BOX-style), held together by magnets.

Please note: in some copies, there may be a slight unevenness between the closed halves of the opener, due to the characteristics of the material (known as PBT warp). This does not affect its functionality.

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